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In life conflict isn’t optional. Double that when you are a Realtor. Conflict finds us... During tough transactions with other brokers... When we negotiate with clients who are sometimes demanding or unhappy... With inspectors and appraisers... And honestly with the most important people in our personal lives who repeatedly wait for us as we spend long hours away from them with our customers.

Truth is... Conflict is uncomfortable for most of us. Conflict is full of energy from which we often run or sometimes rip into doing damage to our relationships. But conflict also brings opportunity. Great things can come out of conflict that is handled well.

CONFLICT JUJITSU® is about harnessing the energy of conflict. CONFLICT JUJITSU® is about seizing the opportunities which conflict can bring. CONFLICT JUJITSU® is about well developed personal maturity through which new conflict skills can flourish and be ethically applied.

In CONFLICT JUJITSU® you will learn practical skills and strategies that you can use every day, whether negotiating a real estate transaction or having a tough conversation with a loved one. You will learn how to better run your brain during conflict so you can respond effectively rather than simply reacting.

Dave Dornan developed CONFLICT JUJITSU® and has taught it around the nation for many years to large companies and government agencies. But Dave’s main focus was always real estate. He was a full time Realtor in Fort Collins for 35 years. He knows the pressures and conflicts a Realtor faces. Dave’s practical experience keeps CONFLICT JUJITSU® real.

Come take the class, earn 16 C.E. credits and gain some potentially life changing insights.

What others have said about CONFLICT JUJITSU®

-Eric Thompson, President – Windermere Real Estate Colorado says...

Quite simply, what I can tell you about Conflict Jujitsu is that it changed my life. The strategies, dialogues, and lessons that Dave teaches have had an incredibly positive impact on me and the people in my life. Literally every day I employ something that Dave has taught me- whether it be at home or at the office. My leadership and communication skills were transformed because of Dave. I became so much more effective with my people because of him. Conflict Jujitsu showed me ‘user friendly’ ways to have hard conversations, and move the relationship to an even better place. One of the benefits I didn’t anticipate is how his lessons would be so helpful for me as a dad and as a husband. What he teaches is multi-purpose and can be used in all parts of your life.

-Pamela Cass Managing Broker/Partner The Group Real Estate says...

I have had the pleasure of attending Conflict Jujitsu and cannot say enough about it. Dave Dornan’s energy and ability to engage the students is truly amazing. The class not only gave me tools to deal with conflict in my professional life but also valuable tools for my personal life. After attending this class you will see conflict as an opportunity for deeper relationships with clients as well as family and friends. I highly recommend taking this class, you will not regret it.

-John Simmons, Co-Founder|Owner|Employing Broker - C3 Real Estate Solutions says...

Dave Dornan’s Conflict Jujitsu class comes highly recommended. Not only has his class helped me in my business but it has helped me with my family and friends. I personally gained more from Dave’s class then I did from conflict resolution classes in college. We will all face conflict in our life and Dave’s detailed yet simple strategies will help you build relationships, trust and professionalism. All should take this class.



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